Thursday, 17 April 2014

Bedung moden strap

Salam to all,
dah lama I nak update pasal bedung strap or swaddle ni. kebetulan I beli banyak from US. Banyak tu dlm 4 sets. Alkisahnya semua adalah warna pink. Kenapa warna pink and kenapa I beli sampai 4??!

Masa awal pregnancy tu my doctor kata most probably my babies adalah girls. Tengok punya tengok, belek punya belek, boys rupanya. Hasan n Husin,lah!

Jadinya I nak let golah US SwaddleMe brand Summer Infant yg berpuluh2 RM kat Malaysia n ada yg cecah RM115!!. Info pasal bedung strap ni ada I sertakan di bawah and I nk let go bedung strap baru ye, dlam plasticnya lagi pada RM40 pers et including postage. Kalau nk COD tu I let go dgn harga RM35 sahajalah.

Recommendation: baby tu seeloknya pakaikan dengan baju yg nipis kainnya barulah mommies wrap baby tu ye. Sbb fleece ni lembut dan xsetebal fleece lain tapi takut juga kalau baju tebal dibalut fleece kang ruam plak.

OK, boleh baca info nya di bawah:

Summer Infant® SwaddleMe® Fleece-Pink (Small/Medium)


Wrap baby securely for a safer, better sleep.  Extra soft, adjustable wings provide a perfect snug fit even for wiggly babies. Secure design creates a cozy, womb-like feeling for baby and prevents the startle reflex that can wake up your infant. Designed with leading safe-sleep experts, SwaddleMe® is trusted by parents around the globe.

  • Fits Infants 7-14lbs/Soft fabric wings hug baby close and stay securely fastened and readjust as baby grows for a perfect fit
  • Leg pouch pops open for easy diaper changes no need to unwrap babys arms
  • Harness slit allows for use with most 5 point harness restraints
  • Number of Pieces: 1
  • Includes: Baby Blanket
  • Features: Swaddle Feature
  • Material: Cotton
  • Certifications: JPMA Certified
  • Care and Cleaning: Machine Wash
  • Dimensions: 29.5 " L x 20.5 " W
Kalau mommies berminat, boleh wasap me at 0193110844. TQ

OK, tu sj from me.


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