Sunday, 25 August 2013

How can we afford million ringgit house?

Salam to all,

These few weeks I have passed some construction sites within Klang Valley. To my surprise, most of the houses which are under construction priced ar RM1mil above. I was wondering, how can we buy a house when the price is like buying a shoplot? Might as well we buy a shoplot and furnish it like our own house.

Before I bought my house I am staying now, I kept delaying the need to own a house. Now I know why my 2nd sister urged me to buy a house and of course with her help. The thing is my double storey 2nd hand house only costs RM200k. And I am thankful to Allah we found this house after much consideration.

Even though we do not own a big car(not even a sedan), we have our own small but nice house as our shelter. We dont have luxury furniture nor did any renovation. For people who work in private sectors like me and my husband, we honestly cannot afford such luxury. Our montly salary is all to pay utility bills and daycare fees for our children as well as their insurance.

Imagine apartment priced at RM300k, which salary range can afford to buy it? Of course not ours who earn RM24k of annual income each. Quite sad and frustrating. I am still looking onward to find 2nd income for us to have our own savings. 

May Allah grant my wish, InsyaAllah.



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