Sunday, 29 July 2012

Show and tell - presentation 15%

Hi you! We are now in Week 5. I am going to introduce you to our first presentation assignment that is Show & Tell.
In pair work you are required to prepare 5-10 minutes demonstration in front of the classroom. Topic for the demonstration must be related to original DIY matter. Title of the demonstration has to be started with "how to …."
Presentation requirements:
1. You are required to prepare necessary materials, ingredients or utensils for the demonstration in the class.
2. Both of you must present. It cannot be only one of you to present and the other show how it works.
3. You are given 15-20 minutes for the presentation.
4. start your brainstorming with traditional games,attire, craft and lastly food.
5. Present your idea as a proposal next week in the class.
6. Presentation will be held the week after.
Good luck!!


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