Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Journal Instructions

Dear students,

You need to write 3 journals for your assignment. Each journal carries 5%.

For Journal 1, you are required to write about yourself and your family. Remember to adhere to the guidelines given before you submit your Journal 1. Click HERE for sample of Journal 1.

For Journal 2, write about the experience of your first day at UNIKL MFI

For Journal 3, write about your new friends.

The instructions are:

·     Give your journal a title
·     Must be type-written
·     Attached with cover page
·     Consists of one paragraph only
·     150 – 200 words
·     Font type - Times new roman / Arial only
·     Font size - 12
·     Double spacing

I hope that you can produce genuine or original writing and have fun playing with words.


Madam Akma.


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