Monday, 24 September 2012

AXE Anarchy Island Getaway

This post is specially made for Nuffnang in line with AXE Anarchy Island Getaway Contest.

For the contest I am going to write on my best efforts at being suave/ charming to my husband. I noticed that many women once they got married they stop seducing their husband. Well, to tell the truth, I was one of them. Until one day I read about an article on flaming marriage in positive way. It suggested on seducing husband to tighten the relationship. From that on, I started to seduce my husband. here are what I am doing :

1. AXE deodorant and body spray.
My husband likes deodorant a lot. He even has about 5 different deodorants himself. and AXE deodorants are among them. Thus, I decided to find deodorants from AXE myself. I even bought matching deodorants. I read somewhere that men are more attracted and pleased with women who smell good. And I am sure AXE has made me even more confident as seduction comes along with it when I am with my husband.

2. Appreciate him more
I seldom thank or compliment my husband, but now I know that compliments and thanks please him a lot. I compliment him by touching his belly and give him a smile. That should do the trick.

3. Let him talk
I was always the centre of attention when it comes to talking. Now I let him do the talking. I listen more. It sure charms him as it makes him the man by having a listener to hear what he wants to say.

4. Be resourceful.
I noticed that if we try to help our husband, we become more seductive by our wit and wisdom. Give suggestions to lighten his burden and it will be a charming potion.

5. Speak nicely and softly
No man would like dealing with wife who speak loudly and harshly. That's why some men tend to turn away. Even in a very stressful situation, I try to neutralize my voice and speak softly and rationally. It will sure charm him as men dislike highly emotional women, it will make them bored.

6. Wear lightweight clothes.
When I am in my house, I wouldn't wear kain batik and plain T shirt. Men are created with visual prone instensity. Wearing fabrics like chiffon, lace and organza will bring the mood and vibe into the relationship as the material it self has soft touch feeling. He will be seduced by this.

Those are my 6 best efforts is charming my husband. I get all good responses from him by using the methods above.

Simply because I want it to be my 4th anniversary present to my husb who works 12 hours daily and for being such a helpful husb around the house.

Feel free to share yours!!


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