Friday, 28 October 2011

Baby sleepsack

Salam to all.
Projek terbaru I sekarang ialah baby sleepsack ( or sleeping bag ) & swaddler. Seronok bila tgk my daughters tidur nyenyak dgnnya. I started nak buat 2 item ni sebab tengok di baby stores, harganya RM39 dan ke atas. Untuk I yg sedang live a frugal life, RM39 untuk sleepsack (RM39) & swaddler (RM69) rasa tak berbaloilah pulak. Sedangkan kosnya hanya RM25-RM35 saja ikut quality kain.

Antara designs yg jd inspirasi ni ialah Grobag (USD 49), Infant Summer , Tadpoles (USD 28.99), Nook (USD48), Carters (USD11) & byk lagi. Antara contoh gambar2 nya ada I upload ni ha.

Sleepsack (sleeping bag) menggantikan selimut biasa adalah langkah yg bijak untuk anak yg suka menendang selimut & mengelakkan SIDS ( Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - bayi mati mengejut). Boleh baca lagi tentangnya dan di link yg I sertakan di bawah.

            Baby sleeping bags are quickly becoming one of the most popular baby items. But what is it about them that has caused their rapid rise to the top of baby registries and wish lists?
The main cause of the sudden popularity of baby sleeping bags is the revised baby sleep safety guidelines. Although SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome, still remains largely a mystery, scientists have discovered that the risk can be reduced by putting babies to sleep on their backs and eliminating all bedding from the crib such as pillows, sheets, blankets, and quilts. Everyone wants to avoid SIDS, but with just the bottom sheet allowed in the crib, how is a baby to keep warm at night? That is where baby sleep sacks come into play.
With baby sleeping bags, there is no need to use dangerous sheets and blankets in the crib. These wearable blankets stay close to the baby’s body at all times and cannot be kicked around or pushed up toward the face. Blankets can contribute not only to SIDS but also to suffocation. Many babies kick and move around quite a bit in their sleep, often waking up in an entirely different position and part of the crib than where their parents put them down. That is why it is great to have a blanket that moves with them and can’t gather around their face, creating a dangerous pocket of rebreathed air or obstructing their nose and mouth altogether.
Another reason baby sleeping bags are gaining popularity is their portability. Babies don’t spend a lot of time in one spot. First they are in their crib, then they are being fed, then they are being carried around, then back to the crib, and so on. Regular blankets need to be constantly adjusted and can fall on the floor. Most parents of new babies can say that their floor isn’t really as clean as they’d like it to be, and since babies like to put everything they can into their mouths, it is best to avoid letting their blanket touching the floor and sleeping bags help to avoid exactly that situation.
            Baby sleeping bags also give some flexibility in terms of sleepwear for children. Sleep sacks can be found in materials ranging from light to heavy and can be sleeveless, short-sleeved, or long-sleeved. When used in conjunction with a baby’s existing pajama collection, parents can ensure their baby maintains the perfect temperature throughout the night. Unlike blankets, they can’t be kicked off while sleeping. Sleeveless baby sleeping bags are the most common option because they keep the core of the baby’s body warm without causing overheating. Remember, babies should never be too hot when they sleep.
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Bila I baca banyak artikel ttg sleeping bags ni, I teringat anak2 I yg memang ganas tidurnya. Untuk baby I, Addina, I jahitkan sleeping bag yg boleh dibedung. macam gambar di bawah ni.

Adoi, boleh thn, kan harganya kawan2? I tgh mengorder flannel fabric yang slalunya dijadikan receiving blanket utk dijahit swaddler ni. Maybe ade rezeki I bole buat byk n sell cheaply to share with mommies out there.

OK, mase untuk mencari pattern. Heee.....


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