Wednesday, 24 November 2010

“Stop Child Abuse”


Salam to all.
Today I'm writing in English. Quite unusual of me. The entry is about child abuse. There a lot that I want to say about it. And without hesitant, I would like to say that child abuse is totally wrong and I'm 100% against it.

Can you bear seeing children abused?

I can't. I can't see children abused using electrical appliances.. like steam iron.

Steam ironed?
What is this child's fault until he's treated this way?
I would never want to see this again!!

Even animals love their children.

If we abuse children, are we even


A lot of people believe that children are our future. They will be the next leaders. So how do abusing then can make them good leaders?

To parents out there, don't think that children have no feelings. They feel pain too if hit. They are just too afraid to voice it out. Don't you think so?
What if you are old and need help. Do you think your children whom you abused previously will lend their hands?

Pic source: HERE.


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