Saturday, 21 August 2010

Teaching Baby Azalea to Read

This week I have bought 3 story books for lil' Alea. The books are published by Peter Haddock Publishing. They cost me RM6.90 each. What a satisfaction to give them to her. If it weren't for my dear friend Fiza a.k.a Datin whose room is near to mine, I wouldn't have invested for all these.

At first, Alea was a bit excited. But not because she understood that she got new books. It's because they were new to her. It ws like having new toys. Then she started to bite them. I was a little frustrated but I understand that she's still little. And if I'm really determined to teach her to read, I should have a hill of patience.

I started reading to her. I showed her the words by pointing to each of them. She kinda liked the action. So she imitated me. It was fun! But it lasted only for a few minutes then she started to take the books from my hand and bite 'em all. My dear angel.. What is to become of you.. *sigh*
No worries, Alea! Ibu will not stop here and will try the same method tomorrow, and the days to come..

I went to Alamanda yesterday. I was glad I bought a book written by Wardina entitled "Mama, saya lapar". Another thing that concerns me. Lil' Alea refuses to eat when she's with me. Very disappointing. But she eats whenever she's at her nanny's house. I felt like I failed being a mom to her. Then I read and read the book by Wardina on how to prepare our children's meal in different ways. I didn't have the confidence to cook any other than porridge+carrot+chicken. Now I'm starting to cook pasta+raisins, potato+porridge and many more.

I will try to share the recipes with all soon!


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