Saturday, 17 July 2010

Spirited Azalea

Bile Alea kecik lg, I nk die cpt besar.. Bile die dh besar & pyh nk tido, I teringat snangnye menjage die time die kecik2 dulu.. Xbaik betul I ni.. Kebetulan ade article psl handling spirited baby ni. So I nk share dgn all of u..

Spirited kids are definitely a challenge, but there are ways to defuse daily battles and teach your toddler to learn to control himself. Here are Kurcinka's top strategies:

*Let him know what's coming.
*Be clear and consistent
*Maintain physical contact.
*Create a "yes" environment.
*Avoid danger spots.
*Soothe his senses
*Acknowledge feelings.
*Reward good behavior.
*Get on her level.
*Try not to label.

Those above tu sebahagianla.. I f ayone of u wants to read the full article, bole klik

Bab "try not to label" tu I mmg fail. Even I try to avoid calling her lasak, nakal, buas, tp kdg2 tlepas jgk. Phm jela, 1st child, mmg xsabar. I try to repeat my instructions and I can see that it is working. Lau x work jgk, xtaula. When I ask her to sleep, she will lie beside me. Menarik sungguh.

That is the miracle of having a child. Ketagih nak pregnant semula actually tp sbb I was in the hospital for nearly 2 months due to PP Type 3, kene tunggu dulula..

Alea pun dh tido. I got to do what I couldn't do while she was awake siang td.



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