Thursday, 25 March 2010

Don't throw away the baby..

I was a few times shocked by pictures of abandoned babies. I wish those moms out there who r pregnant without wedlock would keep their pregnancy and send their baby to any safe place . Don't throw the baby away. The babies are innocent and don't blame them as they are God's gift. I knew people would abort to avoid the shame that they will bear; but I can only accept it if it has not developed yet.

I understand if people say that baby dumping is no longer in the newspaper but as a mother, I don't think this issue is seasonal. There are still many girls/women out there who practise sex b4 marriage as their lifestyle. To me, it's between u n God. But the baby.. If u happen to get pregnant, unexpected pregnancy.. don't throw the baby away.. put it in front of anybody's house.. get help from anyone..

Don't throw the baby away..


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